Printable Reading Logs

Related ELA Standard: RF.K-5

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Recording our levels of output, for any activity, allows us to chart our progress and document successes or failures. Students often use reading logs to track their progress and time spent reading. They are often used to document what was being read and how many pages were read. It is also a great tool for students to use to help them summarize what they read. You can later reflect on what you have and the pace at which you read when you finish the book. Using a printable reading log is not new and fashionable. It has been a practice of teachers for well over forty years. One of our staffers started their career as a reading teacher in the 1980s and can definitely say that she does not know of a time in her teaching career in which they were not avidly used by teachers and students. The best thing is that a reading log is a simple way to document a students reading achievement and this data can be shared with anyone involved with helping the youngster. These printable sheets will provide students with many different reading logs to choose from.









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