Point of View Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: L.3-6.6

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The point of view, from which the story is told, is often explored in works of fiction. There are many different ways to evaluate the perspective and general outcome of a point of view based on repetition, but point of view is much more than a primal instinct to observe. The point of view of a story takes on many different forms. Many stories are told in the first person, which means the author almost serves as the lead character in the work. The big question writes face is how they should best tell their story. For novel writers this the paramount question that they must answer before they begin writing. How do you determine this? I find it very helpful to brain storm out all my ideas and then think of who might tell the story best. This expressive group of printable worksheets help students understand the significance of point of view and be able to determine it in any body of work.









Determining Point of View Preview