Supporting Details Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: RI.5.2

Core Standard

Once an idea or concept is set forth it often requires supporting evidence or further explanation to make it real. We call this extra information supporting details or sentences. The goal of these sentences is add factual details to what was presented and not just add new or other information. Supporting details are often crucial to proving your assertions in any written piece. These worksheets will help students learn to compose and attach supporting details to claims that are made.

The basic goal of any writer is get a point across to their readers. Authors will take on a number tactics to organize their story for their readers. One paramount move in any piece is to make sure you provide factual details to support any claim you may make. These extra entries help the reader make a more informed decision about where they belong in the process of qualify the overall all point the author is working to get across. These worksheets will help students learn to write quality supporting details.









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