Consonant Blends Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: RF.1.2.B

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When two or more consonants find themselves together, each sound of the mix may be heard we call this a consonant blend. The blend can find itself at the front (beginning blend) of a word or the end (ending blend) of a word. The three most commonly used beginning blends include: bl-, pl-, and st-. As in the words: block, play, and stay. The most common ending blends include: -nt, -st, and -ld. There common usage can be found in the words: sent, best, and cold. The most common three letter blends are: spl, spr, and str. They can be found in the words, respectively: splash, sprint, and scratch.

Consonant blends (sometimes called clusters) are groups of consonants that are sequential and are not separated by a vowel. They are usually found in two and three letter groups and located towards the front or end of words. What is unique about blends is that each letter of the blend is pronounced singularly, but it is said so fast that it just seems to fit together nicely. The worksheets found here will have students complete and create their own consonant blends.









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