Positional Words – We look at how to describe where that thing is. [K.G.A.1]

Fire Safety – Not your typical stop and drop.

Five Senses – Kindergarten Biology at its best!

What is the Kindergarten Language Arts Curriculum?

When kids start school, for the first time, there is a ton of excitement. Kids are just happy to be around other kids and see something new. Many educational experts agree that this is one of the most important years in a child's academic and social development. There is a huge gamut of skills for students to gather at this time.

In Kindergarten students will focus on building a foundation for their Language Arts, Math, and Science skills. In language arts the initial focus is on mastering the alphabet. Once they can recognize the letters, students are asked to attribute specific sounds to letters and then letter groups. Students then move on to learning the spelling and meaning of short sounds. This leads to students extending their vocabulary and identifying unknown words. Students are also expected to have a good handle on sight words or words they know when they see it.







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